Global Citizen Year Class of 2014 Summer Campaign

Global Citizen Year Class of 2014 Summer Campaign

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From Global Citizen Year

To send high-potential high school seniors from all backgrounds on a "bridge year" of service-learning and training in emerging economies.

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The Summer Campaign

The Summer Campaign is the first of a series of leadership challenges our Fellows face as Global Citizen Year Fellows. A short-term, high-impact initiative, the Summer Campaign teaches Fellows to mobilize their community, identify and marshall resources to support a passion, and effecitvely communicate their story.

Each Fellow is responsible for fundraising at least $2,500 towards the Global Citizen Year Fellows’ Fund – the Fund from which all financial aid and scholarships for their own cohort were drawn, and from which all future financial aid will be awarded. Over 80% of our Fellows each year receive some sort of aid from Global Citizen Year.

Through the Summer Campaign, Fellows ensure that this experience remains accessible to the best applicants we can find, no matter what their background. They also invest personally in the experience in which they are about to embark through hard work and individual contribution.

About Global Citizen Year

Global Citizen Year is a non-profit social enterprise forging a new educational pathway for America’s emerging leaders.

By immersing a diverse corps of fellows in developing countries during a “bridge year” after high school, we prepare them for success in college, careers and our global economy. We envision a world in which this bridge year becomes a common expectation and opportunity—transforming education, and unleashing the potential of our next generation as social innovators and global citizens. 

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